5 False beliefs that are stopping you

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I have been working with different kinds of freelances, coaches, entrepreneurs and companies, I find out some beliefs that are holding back many people, so I decided to write this to help you to delete those beliefs in your life.

1- I am too old to change, learn and/or improve

One of the most common false beliefs I heard is that people are too old for something, let me tell you that you are never too old to improve your life, so avoid making that excuse, just see the way to do it.

I remember one guy in my tennis club who started to play at the age of 55, he was “too old” to starting on the sport, but he was able to play and one year later he won a championship. Of course, he was not able to play pro or something like that, but he was able to learn, play and improve.

Do not let others tell you that your age will hold you back, the only thing that can hold you back is your mind.

2- There are a lot of experts, I won’t be like them.

In fact, this belief is true… You are not going to be like anyone else but you. So stop comparing yourself, being afraid of the environment is the worst you can do.

I personally believe that if other person did it, I can do it too, so I suggest you to keep that mindset, it will help you to overcome the fear of competition.

When anyone gets into any activity find out that are people who have more skills and some others with fewer skills, but everybody started without any knowledge or experience.

The only way to become expert is to being a beginner who is committed to learn and practice.

3- I need to have the right relationships to make it work

You do not need to have the right relationships to make things work, having relationships may be an advantage, however, is not the only way to accomplish your goals.

One important thing you need to know, is that a lot of successful people built their relationships in the meantime that they were starting up their carreers, do not be afraid to start without having relationships.

Relationships are something you can build, so if you do not have them right now, does not mean you cannot have them, just be involved in your niche, go to conferences, congregations, events and you will meet new people, so you can build your relationships.

4- I need money to start

I know, there are some businesses that requires a huge investment, but there is always a way to accomplish what you want with a low budget.

My suggestion is to start step by step, think about the minimum you can do to start in your area, then try to start doing that.

Most of the entrepreneurs are looking for investors, so that means they have not money to start, so even if you do not have it and there is no way to do it without a big budget, you can find out people who are ready to invest in new projects.

5- I need to do/finish this before I can do it

Stop procrastinating, you do not need to finish something before you start doing something else, most of the time people are saying that to avoid doing what they are afraid to do.

Even that you need to accomplish something in order to start the new stuff, you can start planning or doing something, there are always activities that can be done without the knowledge/time/money/relationships/skills, etc.

The best way to get the things done is doing them. Do not avoid the work just because you need to improve your skills or learn something new or do anything else, just find out the way to do it.

How to overcome all beliefs that are stopping you?

The answer it is pretty easy, you need to move it and do it…

I suggest you to be aware of your situation, but do not let your that your current situation hold you back, I mean if you lack or something or need something, just start doing what you want, then look for learn it/earn it/ get it.

There is not a magic formula to overcome all those false beliefs, the only way to do it is proving yourself that you are able to do it.

So… Are you ready to get things done?

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