5 New Tips of Marketing automation for Dentists

5 new tips for marketing automation for dentists

I know that one of the worst issues as a dentist is to have to find out patients. It is not new that people love their profession but hates to sell.

If you are one of those “sales haters” I have good news for you, in this article you will find out 5 cool tips to automate the marketing and sales process.

Marketing automation for dentists?

Yeah, as you read, you can automate your marketing so you can setup and almost forget about that, however I am not going to trick you, is not easy, but I will make a brief of all the expert secrets I have for this.

First I need to tell you that as a dentist you need to fill up the agenda, then you can make some upsells, if you ever read Dotcom Secrets you know that part, if not do not worry I will explain to you.

value ladder for a dentist
This image was taken of Russell Brunson “DotcomSecrets book”.

Maybe the previous image was too much, so let me explain this step by step:

  1. Get appointments
  2. Get patients
  3. Convert patients to clients
  4. Sell more to that clients
  5. Make that clients loyal.

You always need to get the 5 step process, if you do it your dental clinic will be successful.

marketing automation for dentists

Is not a secret that you need more appointments in order to get more patients, and if you do it you will get more income, so I am going to talk about 5 tips that will let you get more appointments, patients and income.

The top 5 marketing automation tips for dentists

At this moment you should be asking how the heck can I get more clients with marketing automation?, so lets start with this thing, I promise that I will try to keep it super simple.

As you know, you need to get appointments in order to get more patients (clients) but is not only about that, you should keep in touch with that clients so you can keep going and earn loyalty.

Lets talk about the 5 tips:

  1. Have an appointment system
  2. Use autoresnponders
  3. Facebook Chatbot
  4. Automate social media
  5. Set up automatic reminders

1- Have an appointment system

This is pretty basic, if you want to have appointments you should have an appointment system that allows you to handle your agenda.

There are many tools able for that work, the most populars are

  1. Calendly
  2. Youcanbook.me
  3. Schedule Once
  4. Acuity Scheduling

To be honest the 4 tools I selected are pretty simmilar, all of them are good for the job, so my suggestion is to go for them and check which one do you like… Personally I prefer calendly because in my opinion is more “user friendly”, however you can be fine with all of them.

If you are looking for a different tool you can check Picktime , a free tool in which you can manage your full booking system.

booking tool for marketing automation for dentists

In Picktime you are able to select your services, setup your locations and manage your full agenda, the best part of this tool is that is free.

The most important part about appointment system is allow users to book you as fast as possible.

2- Use Autoresponders

This part its pretty important, you should have autoresponders in order to keep in touch with your clients, if you are able to be in touch with your patients will be easier to get loyalty.

Having an autoresponser tool will help you to:

  1. Send reminders (Next appointment other services they need,etc.)
  2. Send promotions
  3. Send tips

Basically what you need is an email marketing automation tool that helps you to be in touch with your patients and nurture them and make them book you again.

There are a lot of tools for that job, but my suggestion for users that are starting is to go for something simple like mailerlite, this tool can help you to make all basic automations you will need.

Mailerlite is a tool for beginners and will help you to start in the automation world, however if you are looking for an advance tool you should go for Active Campaign or Infusion Soft (Keap).

3- Facebook Chatbot

Chatbots works in the same way than email marketing, but the difference is that allows you to have interaction you can get feedback.

The best part of having a chatbot is that you can have conversations with your clients without being there, so on you can build more trust.

The best tool for that is Manychat, they offer a free plan that you should check.

Chatbots are a good part for marketing automation for dentists, with a chatbot you can send reminders, keep in touch, make some tutorials and let your patients to access to them, answer frequently asked questions and more.

Also you can use the Facebook booking tool and connect it with a chatbot, I suggest not, because you will be attached to facebook, but if you want, you can do it.

4- Automate your social media

Social media automation can be in different ways, my favorite is for content marketing, you can create like 20 posts and set them in autopilot.

With social media automation you can save valueable time and keep focusing in what you need (attend those patients).

There are lots of tools for that job, however I always go for Metricool, is one of the bests because allow you:

  • Create autolists (publish content based in times/days and recycle it.)
  • Publish to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google my Business
  • Manage your Facebook and Google Ads accounts
  • Get custom reports

There are other tools for that job, but again Metricool have a good free plan and you can start with it.

5- Appointment reminders

As I said in the others steps appointment reminders are important, sometimes people forgot to book or to attend, so you need to keep in touch with them and remember it.

My suggestion is to setup reminders for:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Whitening
  • Next appointment

You can setup yearly reminder for teeth cleaning and reminders for appointments.

The idea is to automate your marketing in order to be in touch with your clients, build relationships and get more purchases (appointments).

As I told you the 5 tips are pretty easy, that does not mean are easy to execute, I know they are not, however if you start and keep doing it you will get your clients in autopilot.

If you are looking for some help to build your system you can book me a free consultation and I will be more than happy to help, just click here and book me

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