Differences between B2B and B2C sales


It is common that people try to use the sames sales techniques no matter which kind of product/service are they selling, it may sometimes work, but usually causes a lot of headaches.

First I want to clarify, B2B it is a Business to Business treat, for example when someone sell corporate law services, only a business should buy it. On the other hand, B2C it is a business to customer, for example when you buy the new iPhone (this example is not sponsored by Apple)

Now let me explain the main issue, if you use the B2B techniques in a B2C sale, you will fail because the process, decision makers and many factors are completely different, same happens if you apply B2C techniques to B2B.

Ok, so let me talk you about the differences…

1- Audience Size

When you are talking about B2C usually means millions of potential customers, but in B2B maybe thousands, hunderds or maybe just a couple of potential customers.

As the audience in B2B sales is smaller, the sales process should be more customized, B2B sales people may have a full pipeline with just 30 or 40 leads, so they need to create presentations, 1 on 1 meetings and some other resources in order to close them.

If you are having a B2C business it is possible that you are looking for mass sales, so your attention won’t be customized, at least not at the same level that you should do it in a B2B process.

When you are talking about B2C products it is common to have a long supply chain to cover the demand, but for B2B usually it is only one or two levels of a supply chain.

2- Sales Strategy

The strategy it is completely different between both markets, if you are in B2B your sales team should know the specification and tech details of each product/service, that doesn’t mean it is not necessary to have product knowledge in B2C, but it is not common to have any one on one meeting, or discovery calls in B2C.

B2C sales may consider some mass channels or tools, you can use a webinar to sell to thousands of people, but it is not common to sell something to a business using a webinar, mainly because business owners and their decision makers may not assist to a webinar to learn something new, they are looking for someone to make the things work.

Executive- level prospects usually wants personalized attention, so B2B sales people usually make some calls, customized emails and have some meetings to be able to close.

Let’s make a brief to make this simple, if you are going to buy rice you can make a quick decision, but if you are going to hire a company to handle your business marketing strategies, you need to think carefully about it.

B2B Sales usually require more time, more money and more effort to close deals.

Andoni Villarreal R.

The B2B decisions are completely rational, but B2C involves emotions so the strategy needs to consider the aspects to attack.

Does not matter what are you selling, you always need to understand your dream customers, their goals, challenges, issues, so you can figure out how can you help them.

3- Expected Response

It is not common to close a B2B deal having only one meeting or store visit, on the other hand in B2C you may expect a quick closing.

B2C sales involves emotionally criteria, you may want people to love your product and to buy it only because they love it, for example: iPhone, the Apple products sometimes have rational buyers but other times have clients who are buying their stuff only because they love the brand… Well you won’t expect that in B2B sales.

B2B clients will love you if you give them results, they are always checking advantages, disadvantages and alternatives, because they want to improve the business, so earning their trust won’t be easy.

As I said before, the B2B decisions are completely rational, but B2C involves emotions, so you won’t expect a company buying your products because you are good-looking.

B2B Sales suggestions

At this moment you may want some suggestions for your B2B sales, so I wrote this list for you:

  • Use one on one meeting and or discovery calls
  • Consider tailored attention
  • Look for some prospects/leads on LinkedIn or professional places.
  • Learn as much as you can about your product, you will have hundreds of tech questions.
  • Create an elevator pitch (60 seconds pitch)
  • Build trust, then make your sales pitch.

B2C Sales suggestions

If you are into B2B sales I have the following suggestions for you:

  • Consider mass techniques to be able to sell to many people at the same time.
  • Use automation marketing to improve your online process
  • Look for popular online channels like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and crowded blogs.
  • Use emotional techniques to connect, it is not about the features, it is about the connection.

This is a very extensive topic, so you may have some questions, if you do, please ask them in the comment section and I will try to help you.

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