Why do you need to keep doing your sales job? – Even if you are not a salesman

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I know, probably you are a freelance, a business owner or even employee of any company, but you still need to sell something.

Does not matter if you want to sell your ideas, your products or services or even yourself, you need to do it in order to be available to move on, convince people and get your way.

If you are not a sales man probably you are confused at this moment, but let me tell you that every day is a sales day, when you discuss something in a meeting, when you talk with your wife/husband, any time you are trying to convince someone you are selling.

So, my advice is: Don’t be afraid of sales, I am sure you are doing well, as long as you keep your passion and you are convinced about what you are selling you will be fine.

At this point probably you are thinking: How can I do that? Ok, do not worry I am going to give you some sales tips, but before doing that I want to tell you again, as long as you keep passion turned on you will have 90% of success.

How can I sell something?

Ok, it is very simple, selling is one of our most common activities, you are selling a lot of things every day, probably you are not noticing, but any time you talk with your wife/husband, a friend or even your mother, you are trying to sell them your ideas.

When you are going to go out for weekend with friends and you convince them to go to the beach instead of the cinema, you pitched your idea and closed the deal. The idea was to go to the beach and you got it, so you close your sale.

You got it… You are selling different things every day without being conscious. What you need to do is to think about what are you doing right to connect and convince people.

I am telling you this, because you can find out a lot of techniques, however everybody is different, you may have some skills that I do not, your personality should be different than mine, so if you use my techniques you will look fake using them.

One of the keys of success in selling is to being as natural as possible.

Andoni Villarreal R.

As I said… You need to be natural, if you are not natural, you are not going to connect with others.

However, is not only about being natural, you may follow some steps in order to be successful.

The selling formula

If you are into coaching business, I strongly recommend you to read my last article about selling coaching programs, but if it is not your case, you can keep learning this formula:

  1. Select your dream customers
  2. Understand their needs
  3. Focus your product/services on their needs/challenges.
  4. Talk about things they really care ( if you can talk about all their problems, issues and how to overcome them, it is perfect.)

Yep… Only 4 steps to sell, a very basic but effective formula, try to follow it next time, keep it as simple as possible and you will be more than fine.

sales job

Keep trying, sales are not easy, but you won’t be able to master something without practice, so the best advice I can give you is to forget about fear and keep doing it.

If you have any question about this, just tell me, I would love to help you!

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